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In Transform Boss Weight Loss,
you will learn how to lose weight by implementing simple and doable tools so you can lose weight for the very last time.

Weight Loss is not a
"one size fits all"
"Count this many points...eliminate a food group" but that is what Diet Culture will have you believe.

Weight Loss is an Inside Job and it Starts with Mindset Change.

Does this sound like you?

 You have lost weight and gained it back multiple times

 You feel like weight is a struggle that you will never figure out

 You have a busy life and put everyone else before you

 You just can't hit or maintain your goal weight

 You have done diets, but can't lose it for good

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I will help you live your BEST life
in a body that you LOVE.
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A Peek Inside Transform
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What will you get when you join?
Transform Boss
Weight Loss Course 
A 3 module framework to lose weight with simple and doable tools. We meet you where you are at!

Short videos, worksheets and Transform Weight Loss Course Workbook available so you can learn the tools and know exactly what to do to lose weight.

A success path for guidance, milestones, success tips and so much more.

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Group Coaching &
Ask A Coach
Coaching calls where you can be coached or watch another woman be coached. Coaching helps to uncover sabotaging thoughts and behaviors so you can achieve your goals.

You will get so much out of witnessing others being coached - your transformation can happen if you are being coached or watching someone else.

Every Coaching Call, Workshop, Event and Deep Dive Call are on Replay. We have them housed on a private member-only podcast & on our membership site.

You can also "Ask a Coach" privately and she will respond back to you in email, you can be coached through written communication. Available 24/7. 

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24/7 Community 

You do not have to be alone in your weight loss journey any longer. Our Community is unlike anything you have experienced.

In your first month we will bring you into a "new boss" community, we will have all of our coaches, mentors, and ambassadors in there to make sure you have everything you need to get started.

Your Success is EVERYTHING to us!

Towards the end of your first month, we will place you in the Larger Tribe where you will be inspired and feel like you belong. Our women are just like you, they have struggled with their weight. We have fun in our community too there are challenges, book clubs, and even a recipe channel.

You can also request an accountability/mini tribe where you will be with a smaller group of women. These mini tribes are amazing. Ladies have become best friends in these tribes. The mini tribe is fun, supportive, and can help you if you are struggling.

Our larger tribe and mini-tribes are housed in a private application called Mighty Networks for confidentiality and privacy.

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We have monthly challenges, book clubs, & events. We even have bi-annual awards!  Weight Loss has been frustrating, heavy, and difficult. We like to make it Fun & Easy!
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This alone, is an immense amount of value for what you pay each month. But you'll get even more.
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Deep Dive Calls 
Have you ever spent money on a course or class and then you don’t do the work?

We have weekly deep dive calls that are on a specific topic and then we watch the videos and do the worksheets.  Some of the topics include, “How to Change your Beliefs, How to Handle Triggers, The Basics of Weight Loss.”

A Coach and Mentor will share their experience and best practices on the topic. You can also ask any question you want. You can join or watch the replay.

Everything is available and you get to decide what works for you.

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Direct Access 
You have direct access to Shannan, Transform Weight Loss Coaches & Transform Mentors through our community application and a Private New Boss Community. You can send a message and we will respond within the next business day, mostly right away.

We can help you if you are struggling with a concept or tool. If you just need some support or inspiration, we are there for you too.

We also have a coaching channel in our community where you can post a question or something you need help with, and a Coach will coach you in writing. You will also be able to see everyone else’s coaching in the channel.

Your Success is Everything to Us!  We will do everything we can to help support you on your weight loss journey.

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Bonus Vault 
You will get access to all the workshops, events, quick HIIT's,  and bonus content I have ever done. There are hundreds of hours of content:

Are you struggling with sabotaging your success?
Do you find that it is hard to feel your feelings, so you push them down with food?
Do you have a relationship with in your life that is hard and you want to improve it?
You want to find more body love and acceptance?

Are you looking for a smaller accountability group of women just like you? 

This is just a taste of what is in the Vault!

Behind the Scenes 
Check out the 15 second clip.

In the Bonus Vault I take you behind the scenes of my life.
In this 9-week series, you will see what I eat, my family, and I even take you to the grocery store.

You receive this as soon as you join. 

Behind the Scenes 
Check out the 15 second clip. Click Play Below.

In the Bonus Vault I take you behind the scenes of my life.
In this 9-week series, you will see what I eat, my family, and I even take you to the grocery store.

You receive this as soon as you join. 

Join Transform BOSS NOW
You get on-demand access to our signature Transform Boss Weight Loss Course.

Access to our online community of members, mentors and coaches.

Weekly LIVE Coaching

Unlimited coaching through "Ask a Coach"

And every bonus training and course we have ever done in our bonus vault.

You get everything above as soon as you join!

Why is Transform Different?
Proven Weight Loss Process

I have done hundreds of hours of research on the brain & weight loss, so you don’t have to. My Clients lose weight for the last time.

Create Clarity

We focus on uncovering the limiting beliefs and thoughts that have kept you stuck so you can lose weight for the very last time – No diet roller coaster here.

Eat What You Want

I teach you how to lose weight eating your favorite foods, no more fear of food (You know when you don’t want to go to a restaurant because you are scared you can’t control yourself).

Do Less and Lose Weight

How to implement simple and doable tools that take less than 2 minutes. You customize this program to your lifestyle - No lifestyle changes needed. 

 Lose it for the Last Time

You will lose weight from the inside out – No more regaining the weight back because you did not lose it in a way you could do forever. You will learn how to heal your relationship with yourself and food. 

Have more Fun, Joy and Energy

We have a blast in Transform. You will also start to see that you have more energy, you are enjoying your life more and you have more energy to do the things you love.

"I have dreams and aspirations again! "

"This program has been exhilarating! To lose the diet mentality and get off the roller coaster for good was my initial goal. I had been up and down the scale so many many times. Shannan has taught me that the only validation I need is from myself!!

I have completely changed my thoughts, beliefs and limiting thoughts of not being worthy! I am so excited to have lost 40 pounds and maintaining that!

I am so thankful for this wonderful group of women and the support I receive each day! I love learning to be my best self in a body I LOVE! Thank You Shannan!"

Kelly -40 lbs.
Transform Boss

"50 pounds gone for the last time!!!"

"Before I found Transform I was constantly looking for that next quick fix diet, or some magic pill to help you lose weight, but of course it never lasted. I had to learn to change my mindset and love me again! This program has taught me to love myself again – as I am now, not when I get “there.” I am still on my weight loss journey, but I now love myself and who I am. Yes, I have lost weight and changed physically, but more importantly I have changed mentally.

I am no longer that quiet, shy person afraid of her own voice. I am unstoppable now – living my best life in a body I love!

I am doing things I never thought I could do, or even considered doing before – like participating in a 5k, kayaking, jet-skiing. I have never found a community like this in my entire life. I will forever be grateful to Shannan and am so thankful I found her and Transform."

Tammie -50 lbs.
Transform Boss

"The impact of Transform goes far beyond weight loss"

"I'm pretty reliable when it comes to keeping commitments to others, but I'm definitely a "does not meet" when it comes to keeping commitments to myself. I've lost weight before by counting points, restricting, and even surgery, but I've never kept it off because I always believed the solution was outside of me.

Through my work in Transform, I'm learning how to keep commitments to myself. I'm learning to trust that I have what it takes to be successful. I'm learning to dream about my future and get excited about my life.

For any woman considering joining Transform, do it! The impact of Transform goes far beyond weight loss - it will help you improve your most important relationship- the relationship you have with yourself."

Yvette -35 lbs.
Transform Boss

"The mindset change has been the greatest benefit of all."

"I'm so thankful to have found Shannan and Transform Weight Loss Program. I have been struggling with my weight my whole life. I was on the diet rollercoaster for 40 years. I have tried every diet out there will little or no success. When I saw the AD for Shannan and Transform Weight Loss Program.

I did a Free Challenge and the rest is history.

I discovered something so different. It is not a diet it is a change of your mind set. I love all the love and support of Shannan and all the beautiful ladies in the group.

I have lost 126 pounds since joining the group in August of 2019 and been in maintenance since October of 2020. That is a bonus. The mindset change has been the greatest benefit of all. I have better relationships and I love myself again. The decision I made to join Shannan and Transform Weight Loss Program is a one I will never forget and be eternally grateful for."

Sharon -126 lbs.
Transform Boss

Meet Your Coaches
Shannan Christiansen
Certified Life and Weight Loss Coach
CEO and Founder of BFLY Coaching and
Transform Weight Loss Program

I weighed as much as 315 pounds and struggled with my weight for almost 38 years. I did all the diets, weight loss surgery, pills, and exercise plans and still I could not reach my goal weight. I would lose weight but it was temporary because I ALWAYS gained it back.
Coach Jenn Taylor
Transform Coach
I had been on diets and quick fixes since I was 19 years old. Whatever it took to drop the weight quickly and at whatever cost (financially or physically). I was not kind to my body.
I had lost my extra weight for what I thought was the last time and then had a series of unforeseen life events happen over the next four years that completely sent me into a whirlwind. I didn’t know how to manage my mind or my feelings. I slowly stopped showing up for myself and started coping with food to numb the pain and frustration.

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